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2016 Fall And Winter Display Boards

Our display cards are originally hand stamped, colored, glittered and mounted on specialty papers.  Long-lasting reproductions of these cards are grouped to make beautifully themed display boards.  To get a display board, you must order four of each stamp on the board.  Since each board is hand created, quantities are limited.
Contact us for pricing and more information on display boards.

2016 Halloween Board
(Approximate Ship Dates July 13 - 19, 2016)

 P10055 Eleanor's Three Witches Legs
  M10069 William's Jack O' Lantern Wagon
  NN10052  Maddox's Mason Jar Jacks
  DD10074  Creepy Scaring Up Some Fun!
  P10066  Isaac's Pick Your Pumpkin Patch
  C10058  Hat In Notched Square
  C10076  Creepy It's Not Where In Notched Square
  C10059  Broom In Notched Square
  O10068  Joy's Dancing Trick Or Treat Ghosts
  D10082  Creepy When It Comes
  I10070  Candy Corn Border With Expressions
  C10062  Spider Jack
  C10063  Dracula Jack
  DD10078  Creepy There Is No Kin
  C10064  Batty Jack
  C10065  Mummy Jack
  DD10083  Creepy Cast A Spell
  M10054  Lania's Witch Hat And Legs
  P10057  Isabelle's Jack O' Lantern Scarecrow
  P10051  Eva's Halloween Witch And Brooms
  DD10071  Creepy Decisions Decisions
  NN10067  Matthew's Three Ghosts, Fence And Jacks
  DD10079  Creepy Vertical The Boo Crew
  P10056  Elis' Haunted House

2016 Fall Board
(Approximate Ship Dates August 10 - 16, 2016)

  P10084 Cornucopia In Notched Rectangle
  D10107 Ornate Thank You For The Food
  P10091 Autumn Bounty In Crate Boxes
  NN10101 Vertical Sunflowers And Fence
  D10105 Ornate Vertical There Is Always
  P10090 Fall Bouquet In Pumpkin
  P10100 GIVE THANKS Pumpkins
  PP10097 Nora's Autumn Squirrel Pair
  D10102 Ornate When I Count My Blessings
  O10099 Candles, Pumpkin And Gourds
  DD10104 Ornate Warm Thanksgiving Wishes
  P10095 Sunflowers And Fall Leaves In Tall Basket
  BB10103 Ornate Heartfelt Thanks
  P10096 Fall Harvest Pumpkin In Notched Rectangle
  NN10098 Birdhouse, Fence, Leaves And Pumpkins
  C10085 Soraya
  C10086 Mammoth
  C10087 Little Becka
  C10088 Autumn Beauty
  C10089 Frilly Hybrid
  P10094 Turkey Pair Give Thanks

2016 Christmas Boards
(Approximate Ship Dates September 1 - 6, 2016)

  P10117  Joy, Love, Merry Snowman
  NN10123  Santa's Legs
  H10125  Playful Ho!Ho!Ho!
  C10118  Snowball Snowman
  C10119  Shovel Snowman
  C10120  Feeder Snowman
  C10121  Skiing Snowman
  C10132  Mixed Font Believe In The Magic In Square
  P10115  Outdoor Tree Window Scene
  D10127  Traditional It's Beginning To Look
  O10113  Holiday Candles
  NN10114  Nativity Scene
  D10128  Traditional Vertical Today In The Town
  PP10110  Spectacular Poinsettia Blossom
  P10116  Special Delivery Squirrel Mailbox
  DD10130  Traditional Sending You Every Good Wish
  P10112  Santa's Sleigh Snow Globe
  P10111  Old Fashioned Christmas Truck
  O10122  We Three Kings And Star Silhouette
  D10131  Traditional May The Bright Star
  P10109  Holly Bunch In Fancy Frame
  BB10129  Traditional Merry Christmas

2016 Winter Scenery Board
(Approximate Ship Dates September 21 - 27, 2016)

 Winter Snowman And House Scene
 C10144 Winter Snowman
 Playful Never Too Cold
 Chickadee And Sled In Square Frame
 Playful Happy Winter
 Winter Barn, Windmill And Fence
 Jean's Winter House And Hayride
 Horse Pair With Wreath
 Playful Greetings Of The Season
 Winter Skating Party
 Tall Winter Lighthouse
 Deer Pair In Rectangle Frame
 Mixed Font Good Tidings
 Single Deer
 Church, Bridge And Spruce Tree
 Winter Church
 Birdhouses And Fence
 Birdhouse And Chickadee
 Lulu's Snowman And Birdhouse
 Playful Snowmen Are Love
 Winter Tree And Woodland Animals

2016 Cardinals And Snowy Trees Board
(Approximate Ship Dates October 12 - 18, 2016)

 Snowy Spruce Trio With Cardinals In Rectangle Frame
 D10172 Traditional May The Joy Of The Season
 Snowy Tree With Cardinals In Rectangle Frame
 Mixed Font Celebrate All The Little Things
 Let It Snow With Cardinal In Rectangle Frame
 Snowy Birch Grove W/ 2 Cardinals In Rect. Frame
 Traditional To Have Faith
 Snowy BB Trees, Lamp Posts & Cardinal In Rectangle
 Traditional May Togetherness
 Snowy Spruce And Cones With Cardinal In Oval Frame
 Snowy Tree & Fence W/ Cardinal Pair In Rect. Frame
 Playful Happy Snowy Days
 Snowy Spruce Grove W/ Cardinal In Square Frame
 Traditional Joyful Wishes
 Three Pines With Cardinals In Oval Frame
 Traditional Let Heaven & Nature Sing Their Blessings
 Snowy Branch With Cardinal Circle Frame
 Bare Branched Trees In Circle Frame
 Traditional Warm Winter Wishes In Circle Frame
 Snowy Spruce In Circle Frame
 Snowflake Circle Frame
 PP10160 Snowy Spruce With Cardinal In Circle Frame
 P10163 Snowy Stream With Cardinal Pair In Rectangle Frame

 ¬©Northwoods Rubber Stamps, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The use of these designs is limited to hand stamping for personal and non-commercial use. No reproduction of these designs is allowed without written permission.